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The AntetokounBros Academy is a community program that combines basketball training and educational inspiration aimed towards underserved young boys and girls aged 12 to 16.

The program involves 90 minutes of basketball training twice a week for 100 athletes per year at two training grounds: the Ellinorosson court and the Lamprini court, hosting 50 athletes each.

Moreover, the program provides 12 training positions for junior coaches aged 18 to 25 during the season. The junior coaches will be able to participate in the training sessions of the AntetokounBros Academy under the supervision of the Head Coach Evina Maltsi, an international athlete, who has made history in women’s basketball.

In addition to the core basketball training, the program involves athlete clinics, tournament events, a series of mentorship workshops, inspirational speeches and basketball school sessions that athletes and junior coaches will also need to attend as part of their participation. The educational sessions will be held at Onassis Stegi.

Third season’s duration: October 2021 – June 2022

The program follows all official COVID-19 safety regulations

A. Basketball Training Program:

Developed and supervised by Head Coach Evina Maltsi, the training sessions will take place every Saturday and Sunday:

Lamprini Saturday & Sunday
Group A 13.00 – 14.30
Group B 14.00 – 15.30
Ellinorosson Saturday & Sunday
Group A 17.30 – 19.00
Group B 18.30 – 20.00

*Transportation to and from the courts is the responsibility of the participants.

B. Educational Program:

Mentoring workshops: Giving the tools to build a better self

3 mentoring workshops per year focused on soft skills. Specific thematic areas will be announced shortly for the 2021-2022 season. Workshops will take place at Onassis Stegi.

* Transportation will be provided to and from the venue (pick up from basketball courts)

Inspirational speeches: Making believe

2 inspirational speeches per year that will seek to stimulate the kids and allow them to dream bigger. The intended thematic areas for the 2021-2022 season are Diversity, Female Empowerment, and Positive Attitude. All speeches will be held at Onassis Stegi. Key speakers will be announced in due time.

* Transportation will be provided to and from the venue (pick up from basketball courts)

Basketball School Sessions

A series of theoretical seminars educating athletes through video examples on analyzing and evaluating real basketball plays from national & international competitions. The seminars are intended to stimulate the thinking and decision-making process of each player and help the athletes to apply these insights into their own practice.

* Transportation will be provided to and from the venue (pick up from basketball courts)

Athletes’ and junior coaches’ participation in the training sessions and the educational part of the Program is obligatory.

  1. Pathways

The program will help the participants evolve and become the “best versions of themselves”, enjoy the “one of a kind” status. The AntetokounBros Academy participants will be able to claim one of the below academic and athletic scholarships:


  • 1 high school graduate per year to receive the Onassis Foundation “One of a Kind” scholarship for undergraduate studies in Greece (being granted for the total duration of their university studies)
  • 6 athletes to get basketball training scholarships to Eurohoops Academy Leonteios for 1 season
  • 4 selected kids per year to participate in educational summer school courses in the UK

Junior Coaches:

  • 1 junior coach per year to participate in a basketball coaching camp abroad
  • 2 junior coaches to be employed for 1 season, one of them at Eurohoops Academy Leonteios and the other at Eurohoops Academy Exelixis
  • All coaches to receive certified First Aid training
  • All athletes and junior coaches will get basketball pathway recommendations to continue playing or coaching

Revisions due to COVID-19:

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak AntetokounBros Academy had to postpone the implementation of the remaining educational part and the pathways offered abroad of the 2019-2020 program and the full program of 2020-21 season.

A – 2019-20 Season athletes & junior coaches

Educational program:

All first season’s athletes and junior coaches will be given the opportunity to attend the 2021-2022 educational workshops, basketball school sessions and inspirational speeches that were not implemented in year 1 due to COVID-19 related restrictions.


The Academy has decided to transfer the year 1 pathways offered abroad to season 2021-22 for safety reasons.

The 4 athletes who qualified to participate in the educational summer school courses in the UK and the junior coach who remains to be qualified to participate in a basketball coaching camp abroad will be given the opportunity to attend during 2021-22 season.

The basketball scholarships at Εurohoops Academy Leonteios for the 2 athletes and for the 1 Junior Coach will also be transferred to season 2021-22 since the operation of the sports academy was paused for several months.

B – 2020-21 Season athletes & junior coaches

All registered AntetokounBros Academy athletes and junior coaches of previous season, 2020-21, who didn’t have the opportunity to participate to the program due to the Covid-19 pandemic have secured a place at the new season of 2021-22 irrespectively of age factors and their current socio-economic conditions.

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