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Antetokounmpos family

AntetokouBros’ vision is for the Antetokounmpo name to be recognized for its social support and family contribution, and not just basketball.

The Antetokounmpos’ goal is to help as many vulnerable people as possible – prioritizing Greece, Milwaukee in the US and Africa.

The Antetokounmpos Family’ commitment to the community consists of creating and supporting a variety of projects and developing a sustainable structure that will run for many years. By establishing a wide range of collaborations and social acts, AntetokounBros will continually help people and provide them with opportunities at all levels. The CAFF (Charles Antetokounmpo Foundation) was created particularly for this reason, in memory of their father Charles Antetokounmpo.The first step towards such a direction is the launch of the AntetokounBros Academy in collaboration with Nike and Eurohoops Organization.

Why setting up this Academy?

Through the AntetokounBros Academy, the Antetokounmpos want to provide young kids from low income families with the opportunities that they lacked when they were younger.

Through the activities of an academy and the relations with coaches and teammates, a great step towards the socialization of those kids is achieved, fostering their collaboration skills and productivity as part of a group.

Besides basketball, which is the main motivation and reference point in this effort, AntetokounBros strongly believe that their involvement and engagement with kids will help them develop a balanced character, learn to work hard, be better teammates, and become better people. Not only on the basketball court, but also at home, at school and within the community.

The AntetokounBros Academy is a journey. A life-changing journey offering the kids the opportunity, self-empowerment and life skills necessary to achieve their best potential.

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