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Our mission is to spread our passion for basketball and act as the Playmaker for 360º basketball activations aiming to deliver positive experiences through all Eurohoops Organization’s action:

  • Engage children to basketball, help them learn and enjoy their play and getting across life and social values.
  • Develop the future athletes, co-players and even opponent players
  • Focusing on spreading the basketball news and progress in a brand safety manner for the sport of basketball and developing healthy fans through the net, the top basketball site
  • Providing safe, high quality standards basketball courts where all basketball lovers enjoy their play and unlock their potential.

Eurohoops Organization involves the Eurohoops Academy with the signature of the Euroleague legend Theodore Papalouka hosted at Eurohoops Dome, a high-end basketball arena, safe and equipped with latest technology standards, a premium basketball center for basketball lovers. Eurohoops also organizes basketball activations, tournaments and events. All above are communicated by, the biggest European basketball web site, operating in 5 languages:  English, Greek, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

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